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Prince Alla feat. Next Generation Family

20. Mai 2017 @ 20:00 - 21. Mai 2017 @ 4:00


Prince Alla
Born in St. Elizabeth, and raised in Denham Town, Kingston, Jamaica, Blake’s career began in the vocal group The Leaders with Milton Henry and Roy Palmer, who recorded three tracks for producer Joe Gibbs in the late 1960s. When The Leaders broke up, Blake continued to work with Gibbs, who issued his debut solo release, „Woo Oh Oh“.
Blake had been interested in the Rastafari movement since he had a vision as a child, and in 1969, Blake’s Rastafarian faith saw him get heavily involved in Jamaica’s camp community, withdrawing from the music scene and living in Prince Emmanuel Edwards‘ camp at Bull Bay. [for more information continue reading at these links]

Asher Selector
This is a Positive message to All Sounds & Selectors : Remember that I’n’I are JAH MESSENGER inna di side of Jah Rastafari… So before select any Muzik be 100% sure that yu Muzik is Clean and uplift di People of Da Earth -Only Positive Muzik will survive- I’n’I a Di Tools of JAH to Unite Di World with Equal Rights & Justice. JAH Love FIRE FI BUN!!! Asher Selector and his crew had started their own Reggae Radio. The program plays 24 hours a day non stop music 24/7. Listen to ASHER Selector at :

Riderssound aus München wurde 2003 gegründet. Unser musikalisches Repertoire umfasst feinsten Reggae von seinen Ursprüngen an – von Ska über Rocksteady bis zum neuesten Modern Roots Reggae genau so wie von Rub-a-Dub bis Dancehall ist alles dabei and Strictly Vinyl! Good Vibez inna Positive Style. LOVE is the message and the message is LOVE.

Asimba Soundsystem
Asimba Sound ist ein Soundkollektiv aus Dachau, das seit 2011 von Roots über Steppas bis zu Dubstep, alle musikalischen Facetten des Reggae abdeckt. Mit ihrer selbstgebauten Anlage beschallen sie regelmäßig den Freiraum Dachau

Next Generation Family:
Love for the music, dedication and ambition, as well as a high level of professionalism are just a few of the characteristics that all five members of the Next Generation Family share and that unite them not just as an exceptional musical entity but indeed as a family in spirit. For almost six years the band has shared both stage and studio with international artists from all around the globe, that always appreciated the talent, energy and creativity the group brought to the table. Ever eager to perform and enchant the audience with a stirring blend of Reggae, Soul and R’n’B the Next Generation Family is ready and set for 2017 and yet another year of captivating music both live and on record.


20. Mai 2017 @ 20:00
21. Mai 2017 @ 4:00